The Difference

Here are some facts about the fresh quality ingredients used by Brando’s
The Finest Ingredients
Premier Quality

BRANDO’S serves premium Creekstone Farms beef. Delivering the best in quality, natural prime meats. Dry-aged prime like no other.

BRANDO’S premier LaFrieda brand veal is humanely raised milk fed to ensure the best quality and flavor.

BRANDO’S serves Bell & Evans chicken brand and is simply the best quality and freshness.

BRANDO’S fresh pasta is made in small batches and are imported directly from Italy weekly.

BRANDO’S fresh bufala mozzarella is the finest cheese from organic bufala milk and is imported directly from Italy weekly.

A Culinary journey
A Unique Experience

BRANDO’S fish is delivered daily from all parts of the world and only uses line-caught fresh wild fish.

BRANDO’S chefs go to local farmer and handpick seasonal organic produce to use them at the peak of freshness.

Our chefs will gladly accommodate any dietary needs or special requests.

Gluten free and whole wheat pasta available upon request.

Desserts prepared in house by our pastry chef.

Open for Lunch
  • Friday - Saturday 12pm – 3pm
open for Dinner
  • Tues - Sat 4pm
  • Sunday 3 pm
  • Open Mondays Memorial Through Labor Day
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